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Electives: Spring, Fall 2017 and permanent

HRI Minor Electives

As of Spring 2017, a separate list of HRI Minor electives will no longer be published for each semester of the academic year. Instead, students may choose from the expanded list of permanent HRI Minor electives below, which may be counted for HRI Minor credit in any semester in which they are taken. Also beginning in Spring 2017 (and affecting students graduating in Spring 2017 and after), students are longer required to satisfy separate Humanities and Social Science elective requirements; rather, they may choose any three of the below courses (in addition to the core course and thesis workshop) to meet HRI Minor requirements.


AFRICAM 111 Race, Class, and Gender in the U.S.

AFRICAM 112A Political and Economic Development in the 3rd World

AFRICAM 112B Political and Economic Development in the 3rd World

AFRICAM 116 Slavery and African American Life Before 1865

AFRICAM 125 History of the Civil Rights Movement

AFRICAM 139 Criminal Justice in the Community

AFRICAM 173AC / RELST 173AC Gandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America

AMERST 139AC / HISTORY C139C Civil Rights and Social Movements in U.S. History

ANTHRO 150 Art and Power in Modern Times

ANTHRO 189 Mass Violence, Representation, and Justice

ANTHRO 189A New Humanitarianism

ANTRO 189A Poverty and Rights in the Asian-Pacific

ANTHRO 189A Poverty, Culture, and Rights

ASAMST 125 Migration, Citizenship and Belonging

ASAMST 141 Law in the Asian American Community

CHICANO 174 Chicanos, Law, and Criminal Justice

COM LIT 190 Literature & Human Rights

COM LIT 156.1 Human Rights and Representation

EA LANG 101 Catastrophe, Memory, and Narrative

ECON 133 Global Inequality and Growth

ENE,RES 175 Water and Development

ENGLISH 175 Literature and Disability

ENGLISH 180A Disability Memoir

ESPM 155 Sociology and Political Ecology of Agro-Food Systems

ESPM 162 Bioethics and Society

ESPM 163AC Environmental Justice: Race, Class, Equity & the Environment

ESPM 169 International Environmental Politics

ETH STD 144AC Racism and the U.S. Law

ETH STD 173AC Indigenous Peoples in Global Inequality

ETH STD 180 Indigenous Issues Across the Americas

GWS 102 Transnational Feminism

GWS 141 Interrogating Global Economic ā€œDevelopmentā€

GEOG 130 Food and the Environment

GEOG 136 Global Environmental Politics

GEOG 159 The Southern Border

GPP 115 Global Poverty: Hopes & Challenges in the New Millennium

HISTART 190F Visual Activism

HISTORY 100U The Second World War

HISTORY 178 History of the Holocaust

HISTORY C187/L&S C140V The History and Practice of Human Rights

ISF 100E T Globalization of Rights, Values & Laws in the 21st Century

L&S C180U/PUB POL C103 Wealth & Poverty

LEGALST 107 Theories of Justice

LEGALST 132AC Immigration and Citizenship

LEGALST 138 Supreme Court and Public Policy

LEGALST 140 Property and Liberty

LEGALST 154 International Human Rights

LEGALST 190P Law, Rights, and Minorities

PACS 126/GLOBAL 173 International Human Rights

PACS 127 Human Rights and Global Politics

POL SCI 123S Gender and International Human Rights

POL SCI 124A War!

POL SCI 124C Ethics and Justice in International Affairs

POL SCI 157B Constitutional Law of the United States

POL SCI 191 Transitional Justice

POL SCI 191 Bringing Human Rights Home

POL SCI 191 Human Rights, Global Politics and International Law

PUB POL 190 Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy

RELIGST 190.3 The Ethics of Rights, Gender, and Global Justice: East and West

RHETOR 139 The Rhetoric of Visual Witnessing

SOCIOL 115G Global Health and Social Justice

SOCIOL 124 Sociology of Poverty

SOCIOL 130 Social Inequalities

SOCIOL 140 Politics and Social Change

SPANISH 135 Christianity and the Origins of International Law

UGIS 110 Introduction to Disability Studies